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We have all the features and solutions you can expect from a complete (virtual) event platform. We think this is not the most important thing; creating events is about creating something memorable that will blow your participants away. We give you the tools you need to blow away the participants of your event!

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Some of our partners who already make use of the benefits:

Host virtually physical events, create something different

Dare to stand out! Are you the partner that can do things differently? Are you into actually creating the best experience ever? We think our events are a success when people keep on talking about it for 2 years at least!

Next level networking

Next-level networking

Networking is the main reason why most people show up for events. That’s why we’ve gone all-in on bringing in-person networking online. Bring back the spontaneous talks at the bar to actually meet new people. And by the way, of course, we also offer the "standard" network opportunities!

Anyplace, anywhere, anytime

Anyplace, anywhere, anytime

Save the date, save the planet. You could economize thousands of coffee cups, travel time and eventually: money! Let your clients experience next level events: hybrid, or online. And the great thing is, your events will always take place, be it hybrid or fully virtual. Make it accessible for all attendees to join, host for an unlimited amount of people and host anywhere you’d like. Become flexible, so we can make all your events more accessible.

Keep track of all events

With our dashboard, you can get a detailed insight into their event statistics. During the event (but also afterwards) you’ll be informed on the amount of visitors, sessions attended and level of engagement. Learn from those insights and formulate the next steps!

Featured partner

“Working with Let’s Get Digital was the beginning of a great change in our company. Offering a new kind of events that excites our clients has helped us grow!”

Sina Neuenschwander

Project Manager virtual congress & events of MediCongress GmbH

Let’s Get Digital FAQs

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Straight to the point, just how we like it 😉 Get in touch with us, we’ll plan a pilot event to get you familiar with all the possibilities for event hosting with Let’s Get Digital. This way you’ll get a hands-on introduction to the experience you can offer your clients. Afterwards we’ll discuss the possibilities of becoming a partner when we reflect on the pilot event! Want to plan a pilot event? Get in touch with us.

First and foremost: you offer your clients an ultimate event experience for their event. Whether hybrid or online, our virtual event platform has everything to make sure their event is virtually physical. Second: you’ll receive a lot of service from Let’s Get Digital, a revenue per hosted event, options to brand the content for your clients and training on the sales- and technical aspects. Check out which advantages apply to the three types of partners.

If you bring your A-game, we’ll do the same! We require a minimum amount of events organised yearly to become a partner, with a certain amount of attendees. We always start with Bronze, and from there you can level up to Silver or even… Gold! Want to know the specifics? We’ve collected all requirements to become a partner here.

Yes! Our platform offers space for many (many!) attendees and plenty of opportunities and tools to stimulate interaction between audience members and speakers or … interaction with (for example!) the person they are closest to in the room, just like in real life. This – and all unique elements on our platform – create an unforgettable event experience. Want to put it to the test? Get in touch with us to schedule a Pilot event!

That depends on the type of partner you’ll become. First, we’ll host a pilot event, in which you can see how our virtual event platform could be of use for you and your clients. This event is free of charge. Then we’ll reflect on the event with you, and make you a bronze partner. We understand that once you’re in the game, you’ll want to go for the Gold and we’re happy to help you achieve that!

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